Hom Akasha

Hom Akasha

Hom Akasha offers a conscious space of healing and growth, embracing both contemporary and traditional natural therapies and teachings to inspire complete inner wellbeing.

- Reiki healing 

- Akashic record reading

- Astrology natal and transit chart analysis

- Tarot card reading

- Metaphysic numerology

- Ka huna massage 

Hom Akasha

Hom Akasha was born from the overwhelming desire of our Hom Yoga community, to continue and deepen the search for greater meaning and wellbeing in our lives, and to connect with the profound inner knowledge and understanding that is available to us all.

We believe the ancient traditions of healing are the foundation to complete wellbeing. The art of healing goes back to deep antiquity. These methods have been practiced for thousands of years.


3 Canton St, #02-01

Singapore 049745

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