Holistic Prenatal Consultation with Amber Sawyer

Over the last few years, Amber has been working with prenatal clients primarily focused on yoga. 

However, since experiencing her own empowered pregnancy, birth and entry into motherhood, as well as taking certification as a doula, she has been inspired to offer one on one support for expectant mums.

These are tailor-made sessions that can follow the mum-to-be through the entire pregnancy and into the postnatal period.
Sessions will include conscious birth preparation, nutrition guidance, ayurvedic balancing, yoga, meditation, emotional support and postnatal preparation.

Duration and Price

Initial Session (90 minutes): $250

Follow Up Sessions (60 minutes): $200

5 Sessions (60 minutes): $900

10 Sessions (60 minutes): $1500

Advance booking required. To register, email us.


As an Embodiment Facilitator, Amber shares the joy of living through holistic practices of yoga, active meditations, and Ayurvedic lifestyle counselling.

With nearly 20 years of study and practice in yoga, Ayurveda and meditation, as well as a PhD in Biomedical Engineering in the field of stem-cell tissue repair, Amber brings a unique perspective on healing and self-discovery through the influence of scientific and ancient wisdoms. Her vast background of trainings include more than 900 hours of yoga certifications and 1400 hours of Ayurveda. From 2009-2018, Amber founded a community in the heart of Singapore known as Satsanga where she offered and organised weekly active meditation and yoga classes, kirtans and community events.

After enjoying the conscious birth of her little one, Amber currently resides in Singapore and travels the world with her family, inspiring holistic living through constitutional consultations, active meditation, yoga, retreats, immersions and conscious festival organization. Part of this dharma includes pre and post doula certification, focusing on empowering women to have a conscious pregnancy, birth experience and preparedness for motherhood.