Ka Huna Massage with Carita Wong

Ka Huna Massage, also known as Hawaiian Temple Style Massage, has its origins in the South Pacific and is used during Rites of Passage as a transformational massage and healing system. It is a multi layered massage that treats the body in its entirety from the physical to the emotional, mental and spiritual. Forearms, elbows and hands are used to deliver soft and deep tissue massage to strip away tension held in your body. The rhythmic and long fluid strokes accompanied by breath and music brings relaxation to the muscular and nervous systems.

On a physical level, Ka Huna massage is very relaxing and rejuvenating. It promotes lymphatic drainage, increases respiratory, energetic and blood circulations. In addition to the physical benefits, when you are able to surrender to your breath and the flow of the massage, you could experience a whole new level of connection with yourself.

Carita offers a space for rejuvenation and healing where your body, mind and spirit are held with respect, unconditional acceptance and a sincere wish for your utmost wellbeing.

Duration and Price

60 min: $180
90 min: $250

Advance booking required. To register, email us.


Carita began her career in the fitness and well being industry more than 20 years ago as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Over the past 10 years in Australia, she has dedicated herself to teaching yoga, facilitating Ka Huna Bodywork and Personal Development courses, holding her own Lomilomi training retreats, mentoring and empowering many along the way. She is also a Certified Life Coach and an Emotional Anatomy Consultant.

Carita teaches internationally and is a much sought after therapist at world renowned resorts such as The Four Seasons Resort (Bali), Ulpotha (Sri Lanka) and The American Club (Singapore).