Metaphysic Numerology with Michael Chai

Success and happiness depend alot on making the right decisions with the right mentality and knowledge, at the right time.

Understand the nature of your life from birth through metaphysic numerology and let Michael's calculation analyse your luck, identify hidden strengths and define your future prospects by solving doubts and problems, and overcoming obstacles.

He will clear your doubts in the areas of love and relationships, home, family, wealth, stress, critical decision-making, health and career.

You will be guided on making the right decisions during your positive timing to avoid misfortunes or simply, to tap into the positivities in your life. Learn also about other elements that can influence your life like personal lucky numbers and alphabets in your name.

Personal Reading 

Analysis of your life path, lucky numbers, colours, love compatibility, career-related questions and etc.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $500

Business Reading

Guidance in sounding names, descriptions to be used for business to prosper, advice on business ventures, areas of business as well as suitability of business associates or partners.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $500

Auspicious Dates and Names

Choosing of dates for marriage, baby birth, travel and movement of residence or office. Alphabets and words to guide you in sounding an auspicious name will be provided.

Price: $300

Date and Time for Handling of Legal Matters

This includes the signing of important documents or meetings.

Price: $300

Timing Guide for Lifelong Use

A timetable to solve your doubts and ensure safety, and the right timing for decision making

Price: $2,500


Guidance to teach you how to read your own fortune.

Price: $5,000


At 16, Michael’s interest in fortune telling was piqued as he wanted to know about his destiny. He began learning the basis of numerology from a Thai monk, and over time, continuously sought different teachers to improve his practice and hone his skills.

Between 1987 to 1992, Michael represented Singapore with the Singapore Tourism Promotion Board, providing his services in the United States, Australia, and many parts of Europe.

Today, in his mid-50s, he has an extensive clientele accumulated over 30 years via word-of-mouth referrals. They include established businesses and high-profile individuals who constantly look to him for advice.