Tarot Card Reading with Ambika Menon

Tarot cards are usually seen as a means of ascertaining information and guidance from one’s inner consciousness, as well as representing archetypes that we can identify with. In fact, psychologists now use tarot cards as tools to help clients articulate how they view themselves.

Tarot cards can be used to understand how the past has brought about the possibilities inherent in the current moment, while giving us a glimpse into a future we can prepare for. Properly interpreted and described, the guidance offered by the cards would often contain stunningly accurate information about the issue being considered.

Tarot cards enable a person to consider different areas of their lives with an approach that is both systematic and insightful. In addition, the symbols on the cards are ideal for meditation as well as creative visualization. Tarot cards have also been used successfully in conjunction with numerology, astrology and other esoteric fields of study.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $120

Advance booking required. To register, email us.


Through a series of synchronistic life changes, Ambika was brought into contact with healers and psychics who encouraged and helped her to hone and develop her innate talents and abilities. As a writer, intuitive reader and healer with an interest in comparative theology and world mythologies, she has investigated a wide range of avenues for spiritual expression.

Her individual consultations reflect her wide ranging interests: Tarot, Runes, Egyptian Cartouche among others.  She believes that by exploring and reclaiming her feminine wisdom she is able to open her mind, heart and soul to offer help in constructive ways. She encourages people to embrace change and nurture themselves, helping them to re-discover fun, creativity and abundance in their lives.

Ambika has also trained in modalities such as Reiki, Tibetan Yoga, and Astrology, as well as completed a certified course in counseling. She has found that a structured approach best benefits her clients and is keen on bridging the gap between mainstream and alternative therapies. She also offers various workshops that reflect her eclectic range of interests.